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Jake Eberle is an Actor, Voice Artist, Writer, Producer and Sound Designer

Jake has always been something of a dreamer. Early in life, figuring out how to apply that in the real world was tricky. Fortunately, his father’s library had volumes of classic fables and fairy tales from around the world that provided an ample playground for his young and vivid imagination. But then, just reading the stories wasn’t enough, so it was only natural to him that the theater would be a perfect place to explore. He worked as an actor in theater from childhood to the present, with various stints on TV and film, as well as writing, producing, directing and acting in adaptations of classic children’s tales for the stage.

Voice acting, unaffected by how one looks, offered limitless possibilities to play any character in video games, animation, children’s narratives, commercials and documentaries. And parallel to those passions is his craft -work as a sound designer/editor which has evolved over the last twenty years working on film, TV, commercials, theater and music-videos.

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